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Custom music mix & Apparel design

- Since 2007 -

Order a custom digital print file. We create the original, you choose your producer. Need help finding one? We will fix that too.
  • We create eye catching, jaw dropping designs.

  • We help you with all the info you need for turning it in to apparel or items

  • We will help you find the right garments and items..

  • We will print it, package it and send it to you, if thats what you need

Make your team stand out!
We create custom prints for your team!

Wanna freshen up your team logo ? Make eye catching apparel ? Print a flag, bottle, bag ? No worries, we got ya !


We deliver digitally and you print wherever or whatever you want.

Need help getting your things printed?
No problem, we work with the best. Supplying over 500 different garments and printable objects. Need anything special? Just let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.


Let us know what you are aiming at and we will get right on it.

Wanna know some of the basic tips of printing and what to make sure you get right? Keep reading and we will get in to the basic.

Or just leave it to us and we create files, documents and everything you need for a extra small fee.

Or...maybe, you just hand it all over to us and all you have to do is open the package and start handing out your new appareal.


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