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Custom music mix & Apparel design

- Since 2007 -

Quick Guide

Tips for making your apparel match your expectations

There are a few things you need to know even if you aint printing your items yourself or handing it over to someone else. Here are some of the things we believe you need to know



o Print size
No print will be bigger than what fits on the smallest size of t-shirt you order, so the difference between a XS an a XL will be huge, since you cant print a XL print on a XS, you need to print a XS on a XL, but no worry, this can be fixed.
Big variation in sizes mean you need to order another mold to adjust for the size of the print

print 1.jpg
print 2.jpg
Get your colors poppin!

When screen printing every color is printed separately. Color is dropped on the mold. a pattern lets the color pass through on the areas dedicated for that color, you then switch mold for the next color and so on..

o Every color is a new mould

For every color you add to your design a new plate needs to be created. Plates has a fixed cost and is divided on the amount of t-shirts you print. You got a 3 color print, 3 plates need to be created, one for each color.

3 colors.JPG
Do you see the same color as me?

o Every screen is different

The way your screen shows a color might not be the same way my screen shows that color, there can be differences in amount of red, blue or gree, making the color look warmer, colder or greener.

This is especially sensitive in colors like teal and purple.

Why do colors look different?
Besides the manufacturer or store tweaking the color settings, there are another two main reasons why the colors reproduced on different devices look very different: The first reason is that the color mixing theory behind each kind of devices is different, and the second is mainly due to mass production variation.

To make sure we see the exact same color a pantone chart is used. The pantone card is a huge pallet with all color, every color has its unique number.

Only pantone colors will ensure that you get the same color everytime even if you change producer.

color chart.jpg
same color.JPG
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