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Custom music mix & Apparel design

- Since 2007 -


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1:30....360 Euro
2:00....465 Euro
2:15....550 Euro
2:30....600 Euro

1:30....620 Euro
2:00....750 Euro
2:15....800 Euro
2:30....900 Euro

Standard Mix

If you want a lot of songs, then you'll like a standard mix. It's our modern take on the traditional cheer mix, filled with songs of your choice with voice overs about your team in the transitions. The songs make the largest impact on the overall style of the mix.

Elite Mix

Original mixes tell your story. The entire mix is 100% exclusive to you. It's the most desired style in All Star cheer, and the most popular style of mix for very competitive teams.

 These mixes have BITE, and that's what you want for your competitive team.

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Design T-Shirts

Lets get graphical!

Whether you need a new smashing design for a team t-shirt, freshening up your logo or creating a full set of products for your upcoming event, we are ready.


Design fee 300 Euro

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